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In 2010 we restaurated in our garage an 32-year-old vehicle - a

Mercedes 307D, 1978


After 1 year in communal services the car was changend in 1980 to a RV.  Because of the nice ground floor and quality of the wooden interiour we decided to buy the vehicle despite of obvious problems with the chassis. Of course the damages caused by rust which unfolded when taking apart the car were way more severe than we thought before.

The chassis

The main metal work which had to be done at first, of course together with decent  rust prophylaxe (Owatrol-Oil / Brantho Korrux) and body cavity protection (Fluid Film):

  • welding of 15cm flare completely around the car
  • all doors (inside/outside)
  • ground floor (back)
  • ground floor (front)
  • driver's side entrace rebuild
  • air channels welded
  • minor wholes in roof
  • radiator cowling
  • grey water tank  / additional diesel tank welded

After intensive welding the chassis got ground-coat, filler and new finish. New seals at all doors and windows were obligatory, so was a decent cavity protection (Fluid Film) and new wax-based underbody coating  (UBS 220).


Due to a broken waterpump the ground floor was a complete mess.  Mildew and rotten wood had to be removed all over the wooden floor. A new floor was the basis for the re-installation of the furniture which was still in a good shape.

Now we were able to start the camper-specific repairs. Thanks to our long time in business we were able to use both our long-time experience and our number of spare parts for the following repairs:

  • Installation of a new SHURflo-waterpump
  • Replacement of the magnetic gas-valve of the TRUMA boiler BO
  • New ignition box of the Trumatic SW 1800 - heater
  • New seals for the Cramer - stove including a new temperature sensor
  • New roof window 50cm x 50cm
  • Complete new electrical installation including modern LED - lights while conserving the 80's look of the interiour
  • Installation of a additional battery with automatic WAECO-charging system, control-panel for electricity and waterpump
  • Complete new water system (valves, conduit)
  • New upholstery and curtains as well as new carpet
  • gas-supply inspection

After the final assembly the car got a new technical inspection (TUEV) without problems in  September 2010, as well as the registration as an 'historical' car - all the work was succesful!


Vehicle details
Year of construction 1978
Engine 47kW (65PS)
Mileage 330.000 km
Gearbox Manual
Consumption ca. 11L
Environmental sticker Oldtimer
Sleeping berths
Extras Additonal diesel tank 60L (120L)
length 5450 mm
width 1975 mm
height 2525 mm

gross weight
3,5 t
payload 1280 kg

Sleeping berth dimensions
Rear 1800 mm * 1700 mm

fresh water
80 L
grey water
50 L
additional battery
95 Ah
heater Trumatic SW 1800
boiler 10 L
gas supply 2 * 5 kg
fridge Absorber 60 L
toilet system Porta Potti

page modified: 03/24/2011

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